The first time I have ever heard of CMV was when I had to perform an amniocentesis during my 2nd trimester due to the fact that my unborn baby was growing on a slower pace. With the help and guidance of the many doctors and specialists at BWH, we were prepared in the sense of what to expect of our child. Mikayla was born at 38 weeks, weighing 3lbs, 9oz. She was also born with microcephaly due to abnormal brain development. She failed her newborn hearing screening and with additional testing, we found out that she has bilateral sensorineural hearing loss (severe on her left ear and profound hearing loss on her right). We started Mikayla with early intervention right away and that has helped tremendously with her development. Mikayla received her hearing aid at 7 months and her CI when she turned 1. Mikayla is now 7 years old and in first grade. Although she still has a lot of challenges to face due to global developmental delays and feeding issues, she has a fiery and determined nature to keep on going. She now can walk fast with assistance and is slowly taking small steps without. Being non-verbal, she knows how to request through gestures and is still learning a new page set on her communication device. She has definitely come a long way! Mikayla is a smart, charming, determined, wonderful girl that brings pure love and happiness into our lives. I am lucky in the sense that I was informed and educated during my pregnancy and I highly accede on the universal screening for CMV, in hopes that other mothers can also be informed and educated.


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