For Child Care Providers/Educators

"CMV can live on hands for up to 15 minutes, metal and wood up to 1 hour, glass and plastic up to 3 hours, rubber, cloth, and cracker up to 6 hours. Apparently-dry surfaces can harbor viable virus in the 1–2-hour time period between when they are visibly dry and when completely dry."

Nellie Brown, Certified Industrial Hygienist, and Director, Workplace Health and Safety Program, Worker Institute, Cornell University – ILR

Prevention is paramount

Who is at risk for CMV

  • Childcare workers, early interventionists, early childhood providers (including daycare providers, pre-school teachers).
  • Mothers of children attending day-care (source).
  • Healthcare workers (including nurses, therapists).
  • Nearly 1 in 3 children are infected by age 5.
    • 8% - 20% of childcare staff are infected with CMV each year. 
    • 40% - 70% of childcare staff have evidence of a prior infection.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Congenital CMV Facts for Pregnant Women and Parents flyer.

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