What is cCMV?

  • CMV or cytomegalovirus is "the most common virus most people never heard of" (Demmler-Harrison).
  •  More than half of the US population has had a CMV infection by 40 years old (CDC).
  • It is typically harmless and can cause cold-like symptoms; 90% of adults and many children show no symptoms at all.
  • When a baby is born with a CMV infection, it is called congenital CMV (cCMV).

Why should we care about cCMV?

About 1 out of every 200 babies is born with congenital CMV infection. Of these babies, around 1 in 5 will have long-term health problems such as:

▪ Hearing loss
▪ Mental disabilities
▪ Physical disabilities
▪ Vision loss
▪ Seizures
▪ Cerebral palsy
▪ Death

Who is at risk for cCMV?

  • All pregnant individuals, but especially…
    • Those who have young children in the home.
    • Childcare workers, early interventionists, early childhood providers.
    • Healthcare workers.

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