About MCC

Our Mission:

  • Educate the general public, healthcare providers, and stakeholders about  cCMV.
  • Prevent the incidence of cCMV through the promotion of specific hygiene practices among pregnant women. 
  • Screen newborns universally for cCMV, in order to improve the rate of diagnosis, especially children who are asymptomatic at birth.
  • Care for children born with cCMV by sharing resources with parents about treatment, early intervention services, long-term monitoring, and counseling.


  • The group first met in January 2019 to explore and address issues to cCMV in Massachusetts.
  • A survey was created to collect data about current screening practices from all Massachusetts birthing hospitals.
  • The MCC’s website was developed (cmvmass.org) in order to share educational resources regarding cCMV.
  • A study about current Massachusetts cCMV screening practices is currently being conducted out of Mass General Brigham through the use of the survey. 
  • The website continues to reach out to the general public and pregnant women through the use of social media, blog posts, and educational videos.
  • Advocate for universal screening practice at MA birthing hospitals. 
  • Make cCMV a reportable condition in MA.
  • Make prenatal education of cCMV common practice among obstetrician offices in Massachusetts.
  • Continue to find and share resources to support parents and children living with a cCMV diagnosis.